IRC Team/Community Q&A this Saturday 3PM PST

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IRC Team/Community Q&A this Saturday 3PM PST

Post by Tybalt » Mon Feb 13, 2012 7:43 pm

IRC Team/Community Q&A this Saturday 3PM PST!

We are having a Community Q&A with the SBEmu Project Manager and Design Team Lead Daymar, Developer Papah, Developer RichV and Community Manager Tybalt in order to answer any questions you have regarding the SBEmu Project! The Community Q&A will be on IRC on Saturday 3PM PST. Please get in there early to chat with your fellow community members before the Q&A begins. If you don't have IRC the download is here:

Once you have the client downloaded, choose a username and go to "Server", under "Connect" and then select the folder "Quakenet" and go to "Random server" as the screenshot below shows.


After you connect to the server, a window will pop up and you will be prompted to join a channel where you type in "shadowbaneemulator". You will then be in the #shadowbaneemulator channel. If for some reason the window does not pop up, you can always type in the command "/j #shadowbaneemulator" and that will grant you access to the channel.

The format of the IRC Q&A are as follows. The room will be put in Silent Mode in order to prevent spam, flooding, talking over people, so we can have an organized and informative Q&A. All questions during the Q&A pertaining to the project can be sent in a PM to myself. I will be under the name @TybaltSBE (Anyone with a @ is an operator and anyone you see in the room with a + is a SBEmu Team member). The template for the question should go something like this:

/msg TybaltSBE What do you expect the server population to be around? (TYBALT)

If you don't wish for any specific SBEmu Team Member to answer just put (ANY) after the question. Please understand there will be an influx of questions and not everyones question may get answered, so your patience is appreciated during the Q&A. We are looking for the Q&A to last anywhere from 30-45 minutes, but it could very well go over based on how many people are there. The more community members asking questions, the more quality answers we can give. You will be limited to 1 question being answered, so after your question is answered please don't PM myself as I will be fielding messages from the whole community. Additionally during the Q&A, the spamming of questions or messages to myself will get you ignored. I will respond to questions as best as I can during this process as I'm going to be fielding PMs, answering questions in PMs as well as answering the questions in the room. Needless to say, I'm going to be busy during this Q&A, so I apologize in advance for not getting back to you as quickly and descriptively as I normally am.

We are a community of mostly adults so I expect everyone to act as such. Any flooding, or attacks on the #shadowbaneemulator channel will not be tolerated. Before and after the Q&A, the same rules apply from the FCoC. Personal attacks, spamming, persistent use of profanity, and any other minor offenses will warrant a warning. If the behavior continues you will be removed (banned) from the channel for the remainder of the Q&A. Any serious attacks such as flooding, linking of suspicious URLs, linking of porn, malicious scripts or code, attempted cracking of "Q", fake service messages, or anything else that we deem malicious or harmful to the channel will get you be banned.

Design and Test Team Openings
Once again we're looking for more Test Team and Design Team members so if you are interested please fill out an application here: ... f=8&t=4113

Post your completed application, stating in the title, your name and the position you are applying for (I.E. Title: Tybalt Design Team Application or Tybalt Test Team Application) here: ... .php?f=146

Closed Beta Applications have Closed!
Closed Beta Applications have closed! Thanks to all that applied. We will not be making any exceptions for late applications so please don't PM us asking for your application to be accepted late. We have around 360 applications and will be reviewing and making decisions on whom will be accepted during this next stage of Closed Beta invites. This isn't going to happen overnight, so I appreciate the Community's patience as we go through your applications. As I've reminded the Community before, ++1s or comments on your application do not constitute admission, nor does lack of ++1s or comments mean that you don't have a chance to get into this next round of invites. Also, please remember that this isn't the only time we are inviting applicants for Closed Beta! This is an ongoing process, and we will be adding more applicants as we proceed during Closed Beta. So if you don't get selected this round, there will be more chances to be accepted to the process. Once again, thank you for your continued interest in the project and I look forward to reading those members applications whom applied!

Discussion Thread: ... f=7&t=4161


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