Project Update 6/30/11

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Project Update 6/30/11

Post by Daymar » Thu Jun 30, 2011 9:03 pm

Team Membership Changes and Recruitment
Aerumna has left the team due to moving to a new city and spending his time with new job activities. I speak for our whole community in wishing Aerumna the best of luck and thanking him for his many contributions to the project.

As this left an absence in the design team, BraveSirRobin has been chosen to take his place. He has been on the design team for a short while previously, under the name of Euclid, but we've decided to continue dedicated to transparency with the community and feel that we won't need to conceal any identities. He was found to be extremely knowledgeable, a team player and had a strong work ethic, so he'll be a wonderful addition to the team.

We also have a new member to welcome to the development team, Crassus. He was a database programmer between 1995 and 2005, and is now bar certified and a full-time prosecutor. He has worked with emulator projects before, and is knowledgeable with Java, SQL and other languages. We believe he'll be another solid addition to our team.

Recruitment will now be closed on the Design and Development teams, as these teams are at good sizes. Recruitment will still be open on the Test and Moderator teams, please contact Silk for the testing team and Solar for the moderator team.
Community Ventrilo
A community member, Danny Q. has very kindly offered his ventrilo up for use with the SBE Team and we welcome everyone to use it. It can hold up to 50 people at once. We ask the community to respect other users of the ventrilo and to realize this ventrilo will be more heavily administrated than before. The channel password is evac.

Environment Index
The Spawn Index structure has been completed and will be moved to the Morloch Wiki over the next few days. Starfish, along with Xemise, Kris and BraveSirRobin have already put in many hours of extremely repetitive work on this.

Live Server Contract
We have created a Live Server Contract, which will outline the conduct allowed by the staff on a live server. The intent is to regulate the actions of the staff when participating on a live server during events, or testing. We will also have a dev command logger posted in an easily accessible area so that dev abuse won't be able to be concealed.

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