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SBEmu Community IRC Q&A Chat Log

Post by Tybalt » Sat Feb 18, 2012 9:37 pm

For those of you whom couldn't make the Community Q&A, I have posted the chat logs below. The first SBEmu Community Q&A was an absolute success! We had roughly 75 unique accounts logged into the #shadowbaneemulator IRC, with a lot of engaging and intelligent questions. Unfortunately not everyone's question got answered, but I believe that the Q&A was informative for both the Team and the Community. We will be doing this again, so make sure to stay tuned. Also, congrats to Maethius, chet, Atone, Ghan, Shadowz, and Magzu as our Closed Beta Giveaway Trivia winners! Thanks again to all that attended, and hope to see some more consistent new faces in our #shadowbaneemulator channel.

3PM PST Saturday 2/18/2012 SBEmu Community Q&A #1

<@TybaltSBE> Welcome to the SBEmu Q&A!!!
<@TybaltSBE> We are excited to have you all in here for the first SBEmu IRC Q&A!
<@Papah> and I am here
<@TybaltSBE> We hope to make this a monthly occurance, depending on how everything goes.
<@TybaltSBE> I would like to introduce our Team whoms is here.
<@TybaltSBE> ^
<@TybaltSBE> Welcome our SBEmu Developer Papah!
<@TybaltSBE> Also, welcome to our Project Lead and Captain of the ship Daymar!
<@TybaltSBE> Our new Lore Advocate Halethrain.
<@TybaltSBE> and SBEmu Designer Xemise.
<@TybaltSBE> The format of the Q&A is going to go as follows:
<@TybaltSBE> Please send your questions to myself /msg TybaltSBE
<@TybaltSBE> With your question and whom you want to answer it if you have a preference.
<@TybaltSBE> I.E.
<@TybaltSBE> What race gets the most training points in SB (PAPAH)?
<@TybaltSBE> We will have an influx of questions.
<@TybaltSBE> And everyones question may not get answered.
<@TybaltSBE> As for the Closed Beta give away.
<@TybaltSBE> Which is what im sure a lot of you are here for. ;)
<@TybaltSBE> We will be having a Trivia Contest!
<@TybaltSBE> There will be 6 questions.
<@TybaltSBE> The first person to send myself the correct answer.
<@TybaltSBE> Will recieve a Closed Beta invite for the next round of invites.
<@TybaltSBE> As the questions, you /msg TybaltSBE with your answers.
<@TybaltSBE> Daymar, Papah, Hale, do you have anything to add?
<@Daymar-> Not yet
<@TybaltSBE> Alright lets get this started!
<@TybaltSBE> [GAHN]How many accounts can one shadowbane player have? Can he/she create multiple forum names to have more then three?
* TybaltSBE sets mode: +v Ceska
<@Daymar-> We're aren't planning to limit the number of accounts you can have, so there's no need to create additional forum accounts
<@TybaltSBE> [ROCCA]what is the ETA on open beta? [DAYMAR]
<@Papah> we have yet to decide a limit on how many accounts a user can have.
<@Papah> but you can create multiple accounts by logging in with AccountName + "_" + #'s
<@Daymar-> example: daymar_4
<@Daymar-> that will create a new account
<@Papah> As far as Forum accounts, it isnt needed as u can simply create more accounts in game with the above statement
<@TybaltSBE> Open Beta is still a couple months off.
<@TybaltSBE> It really depends on the progress of the current Beta testers, and our Programmers.
<@TybaltSBE> I'm sure Daymar has more on it =)
<@Daymar-> We're currently in phase 3 of the Closed Beta. Phase 4 will be when we add more people to start doing GvG testing such as mines
<@TybaltSBE> Remember guys, /msg TybaltSBE =)
<@TybaltSBE> Don't open a chat.
<@TybaltSBE> [ZAB] have things like speed hacks and such been addressed? [PAPAH]
<@Papah> Speed hacks and many other forms of Exploits have been addressed. Our Policy for hacking is zero tolerance. We will make sure to prevent any foul play from happening.
<@TybaltSBE> [Coolstream] are the various mob zones being rebuilt entirely by memory and recordings, or are the microzones just being filled with mobs that are balanced
* TybaltSBE sets mode: +v KrisSBE
<@Daymar-> Roughly 60-80% of the buildings on the maps were placed from recordings that we got community submissions. Mobs weren't able to be placed by recordings because of how they roamed around camps
<@Daymar-> we had to place all of the mobs on the map by hand we have spent countless hours refining the camps to get them to their correct levels
<@TybaltSBE> [Outkil] Any further updates on how Lore will work? [Halethrain]
<@halethrain> On Lore: Our goal with lore is to implement a story line as Wolfpack originally envisioned. We fully intend to look at all the original work that Meridian has done and continue the story as it began back in 2003. My personal vision is to allow the story to flow with outcomes as the players decide them in the game. Think something akin to a Bioware story, but with even less rigidity.
<@TybaltSBE> [Rotard] Once the porject is up and running will there be any talk of supporting mobile devices for the game (Any)
<@TybaltSBE> I am currently speaking with some people that have worked on personal Apps for me to be supported by smartphones.
<@TybaltSBE> I'm looking into getting a Shadowbane App up on the iphone and android market by the end of the year.
<@TybaltSBE> That will go over most database info.
<@TybaltSBE> Like a mini Morloch-Wiki.
<@TybaltSBE> As for other mobile devices, such as the ipad.
<@TybaltSBE> If the OS doesn't support the client, theres not much we can do about it.
<@TybaltSBE> <Living> What are the Dev teams plans to address the server stagnation that was seen at the end of live servers?
<@TybaltSBE> Well currently Halethrain and I are working on an FC Event.
<@TybaltSBE> Which we expect to be a regular monthly/bi-monthly occurance.
<@TybaltSBE> That as well as Server organized tourney, and stuff like that has been discussed as well.
<@Daymar-> Other content additions to give people more things to do in the game are also possible
<@Daymar-> without changing the nature of Shadowbane
* Override sets mode: +v Ceska
<@TybaltSBE> <nibz> how is throwing looking? i would like to revive my bird chucker, but that depends on a nerf rollback. what can you tell me about the state of throwing?
<@TybaltSBE> Throwings looking pretty good atm.
<@Papah> The State of Throwing is as how it was during the last patch Before Ubisoft shutdown Shadowbane. This also applies to any other aspect of the game. We have no plans as of yet to roll anything back.
<@TybaltSBE> [Pimps] Can we expect less lag in game then in the previous years of Shadowbane?
<@Daymar-> There will be much less lag, to the point where it won't seem like there's any lag. We're using modern server hardware and modern programming techniques such as quadtree
<@Daymar-> You may have noticed that modern MMOs don't have lag like they did when Shadowbane launched
<@Daymar-> during previews our server has used less than 3% of the CPU resources
<@Daymar-> when there was 300 people logged in
<@TybaltSBE> [S]-[adowz] When deciding whether or not to implement new ideas once SBane is live, how are you planning on testing them out to see if they are balanced before hand?
<@TybaltSBE> If any changes are going to be made, we plan on keeping a core group of the SBEmu Testing Team.
<@TybaltSBE> To consistently test bugs/exploits, things of that nature.
<@Daymar-> We'll test anything on our test server first, and get feedback on how it works. Anything new would be implemented slowly rather than all in one jumble
<@TybaltSBE> [Rakeesh] what kind of action will be taken against people who use keyclone and how will it be policed?
<@Papah> We plan on keeping close eyes on user's that may potentially be keycloning. Keycloning will fall under the exploiting category, and not be toleratable.
<@TybaltSBE> [Kada] you stated FC event, keeping rewards balanced (i.e. No overpowered gear)?
<@halethrain> There wil be rewards in FC events both as possible random drops and more personalized rewards. Any thing that is rewarded will be available in the game already (ie. rollable). Lastly, how items are dropped we will assess depending on how new the server is. For example, we won't be handing out Godly runes three days after server live.
<@TybaltSBE> We have also been playing around with the idea of different skinned items.
<@TybaltSBE> Such as Rune Axe's, being dropped but obviously not made overpowered.
<@TybaltSBE> Nothing better than you could get resourced rolled.
<@halethrain> We are going to take the absolute greatest care to ensure that no single guild is able to gain any unfair advantage due to any rewards
<@TybaltSBE> We want to focus on the experience of the FC Event rather than the loot dropped.
<@halethrain> Exactly
<@TybaltSBE> Well said Halethrain =)
<@TybaltSBE> [peekachew] Do you or rich have any plans on fixing certain classes that still feel gimp, such as adjusting the casting time duration on certain spells, can you make for example beserker rage castable in wereform? What can be done in these terms of things. (PAPAH)
<@Papah> The State of Our Emulator Server for Shadowbane will be an exact replica as to how it was played during the last patch before Ubisoft Shutdown the Retail Version, and we at this time have no plans on changing it.
<@TybaltSBE> [Gahn] Is there anything the community can do to help the game develop quickly and efficiently while not being in beta?
<@TybaltSBE> Absolutely.
<@TybaltSBE> Getting the word out there.
<@TybaltSBE> Twitter, and Facebook have been great avenues for getting people back to SB.
<@TybaltSBE> I'm always looking for ways to expand our community and diversify it.
<@Daymar-> Submitting your recordings, if you have any of them, is another way to help. ... f=7&t=1318
<@Papah> Drop Rocks on your neighbors houses to Promote Shadowbane!
<<@TybaltSBE> So we're not only getting old SB players back, we're drawing the attention of new customers.
<@TybaltSBE> Rofl.
<@TybaltSBE> Or outside Ubisoft Studios =P
<@TybaltSBE> j/p
<@TybaltSBE> but not really
<@Papah> you who throws the first stone, challenge phase begins.
<@TybaltSBE> [spitster] how many people are you looking at bring in for the 2nd round of beta testers
<@TybaltSBE> ?
<@TybaltSBE> We're planning on bring about 80 more testers next phase.
<@TybaltSBE> The purpose of the set number is more of a management situation.
<@TybaltSBE> We are focusing on getting these bugs discovered and rectified in the most efficient fashion we can.
<@TybaltSBE> I'm sure most of you can testify, it's easier to lead a 30man bane force than a 100man. But that isn't a deterent for not adding testers.
<@TybaltSBE> We want to get the most out of the testers we are adding.
<@TybaltSBE> [Atone] What are the odds that I'll ever see Vorringia or a loreplay server again?
<@halethrain> Adding servers will really depend on the populations at live. Do remember though that loreplay servers weren't really Wolfpacks original idea. They were more like a crutch because they had no dollars to do their "Living story" as they had planned.
<@halethrain> Hopefully, if I do my job right, people will be more interesting in WANTING to be more lore oriented, rather than being forced.
<@halethrain> interested*
<@TybaltSBE> [Rocca] Will shadowbane support resolutions like 1920x1080 (24") and bigger. Is it playable at that resolution (any)?
<@TybaltSBE> Yes.
<@TybaltSBE> That's what I use currently.
<@Daymar-> You can customize the resolution with SBConfig.exe in the Shadowbane folder
<@TybaltSBE> [Rewen/Nomads] Will macroing be allowed?
<@TybaltSBE> Get your last questions in.
<@TybaltSBE> As well =).
<@TybaltSBE> Active macro's will be allowed.
<@Xemise> Of course macroing will be allowed. As long as you aren't exploiting and macroing at the same time, it's fair game.
<@Papah> Active macroing (Being at the computer while using the macro program) will be allowed. If you are suspected of macroing while afk and do not respond to an Admin at any given time, we will suspend the account.
<@TybaltSBE> Furthermore, recordings of those exploiting/afk macroing are highly helpful in getting to the bottom of these situations.
<@TybaltSBE> [Maethius_] Will there be any changes to /who? A lot of members feel that the role of reconnaissance and intelligence gathering would be greatly enhanced and gameplay would benefit with such a change.
<@TybaltSBE> This is the last question.
<@TybaltSBE> We will be giving away accounts after this =)
<@Papah> As stated twice already, Shadowbane Emulator will replicate an exact copy of how the Retail version of Shadowbane was during the last patch before shutdown......
<@TybaltSBE> Alright guys.
<@TybaltSBE> Those were all awesome questions!
<@TybaltSBE> I hope it helped shed some light on more of what is going on.
<@TybaltSBE> Now on to the fun stuff!
<@TybaltSBE> We will be handing out a total of 6 Closed Beta accounts.
<@TybaltSBE> Via SB Trivia!
<@TybaltSBE> Again the first person to send myself the correct answer to the question
<@TybaltSBE> Will be awarded an account for the next phase of invites
<@TybaltSBE> So lets get this started.
<@TybaltSBE> The first person whom sends me the correct answer.
<@TybaltSBE> Will be announced in the room.
<@TybaltSBE> With the correct answer.
<@TybaltSBE> First question.
<@TybaltSBE> 1. Name all the r8 Epic Mobs.
<@TybaltSBE> all of them
* @halethrain watches everyone scramble to MorlochWiki
<@TybaltSBE> Congrats!
<@TybaltSBE> To chet!
<@Xemise> Congratulations, Chet!
<@TybaltSBE> <chet_> draug torvald ithriana vranaxxas shuggoth mael mordoth
<@TybaltSBE> Was the correct answer
<@TybaltSBE> Let me get the 2nd one prepared.
<@TybaltSBE> 2.Before the coming of Morloch, the Chaos God was known as ______?
<@TybaltSBE> Congrats, Gahn!
<@TybaltSBE> Malog was the correct answer!
<@TybaltSBE> Malog the Warrior
<@Xemise> Congrats, Gahn
<@TybaltSBE> 3.How many total trains does a non-human mage get at 75?
<@TybaltSBE> Grats <S]-[adowz!
<@TybaltSBE> Correct answer is 646.
<@TybaltSBE> 4.This race's name roughly translates to "outcast".
<@TybaltSBE> Grats Rewen!
<@TybaltSBE> Irekei was the correct answer
<@TybaltSBE> Wait
<@TybaltSBE> your already in for
<@TybaltSBE> the nub guide nub =P
<@TybaltSBE> Grats Atone!
<@TybaltSBE> Irekei was the correct answer.
<@TybaltSBE> if you have an account already
<@TybaltSBE> dont message me
<@TybaltSBE> plz
<@TybaltSBE> 2 more questions
<@TybaltSBE> 5.From level 1 to 75, there is a total of ________ stat points distributed.
<@TybaltSBE> Grats Mazgu!@
<@TybaltSBE> 206 is the correct answer!
<@TybaltSBE> Last question.
<@TybaltSBE> Last chance guys!
<@TybaltSBE> This is a Halethrain driven hard one.
<@TybaltSBE> 6.In the Age of Strife, what did the druids do to stop the build up of trapped souls?
<@halethrain> I'd call it a medium at best ;p
<@TybaltSBE> Your a lore nerd.
<@TybaltSBE> LOL
<@TybaltSBE> no pms
<@TybaltSBE> Grats Maethius!
<@halethrain> And, one last thing from me: If you're a lore enthusiastic, I would love to exchange messages regarding any of your thoughts or ideas for the lore aspects of the game. I am very receptive to perspectives, theories, and suggestions
<@TybaltSBE> Planted ToL's is the correct answer!
<@TybaltSBE> Grats to chet, atone, maethius, gahn, shadows, and mazgu as our Closed Beta giveaway winners!
<@TybaltSBE> Thanks for coming guys!

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