State of the Bane IV

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State of the Bane IV

Post by Tybalt » Sun Mar 04, 2012 9:11 pm

State of the Bane IV

Closed Beta Announcement
We've invited the Contest Winners this weekend to the Closed Beta process and look forward to seeing them in game this week. We have been looking forward to getting these winners in for a while, and are excited to have them aboard! These are winners from the Community Q&A Trivia Contest, Newbie Guide Contest as well as the former Play2Crush project template contest. Once again congrats!

We are still looking through the massive amount of applications for the next round of invites for Closed Beta. I appreciate the community patience during this time, as we are still reviewing applications and making an honestly cohesive decision on these next round of invites. Once again, we thank you for your patience.

Congrats to the following Contest Winners:

Developer Updates
Rich has been working diligently on city placement validation in preparations for cities to be more fully implemented. Additionally, Rich has been doing extensive bug fixes with the damage formula. Farmy has been doing bug fixes pertaining to various character and power issues. Hots and pots now correctly work through shadowmantles, calming and restive melody refresh is now correctly working. Farmy has also fixed drain backfire and well as drain immunity. Furthermore, he has also correctly updated Conjurer to allow professions and Conjurer specific items to be appropriately equipped. More over he has applied power actions in proper order, and fixed the transform/rage percent issues.

Design Team Updates
The Design Team has started working on the Spawn Index! This is a long and and arduous process of confirming every micro/macrozone, completely documented with every Mob, NPC, Burned Farmhouse, Vorgrim Droppers, Epic Mobs, etc. You can see this process being worked on weekly through the Morloch Wiki. ... pawn_Index

Team Additions
We would like to welcome Spitster and Gooya to the SBEmu Test Team! Their efforts as Closed Beta testers will be a valuable asset in these next phases as we proceed further through this process. Once again, welcome both Spitster and Gooya to the Test Team!

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