Live Server Contract and Project Update

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Live Server Contract and Project Update

Post by Daymar » Tue Jul 05, 2011 8:47 pm

We hope everyone had a fantastic Fourth of July, whether you are from America or not! There is no rest for the wicked, so needless to say it has been a busy few days here at SBE, as you may have noticed. Here are a few things that have been going on.
Chronicle Homepage
Some of the community have already noticed, for those of you yet to catch it, we have a new homepage for the project. Claymore recently resurrected this page. You may remember the style of this page from the old Chronicle site that ran when Shadowbane was operational. We hope everyone finds this style inviting and easy to navigate. This site is still a work in progress, so any suggestions you may have to offer will be taken on board. The link to the page can be found here

While the Development team has been hammering on with work on the Database as ever, a substantial boost was discovered when Papah found how to "decode" the opcodes with the SB hasher. This will be a huge help for development as they will no longer need to guess what the opcodes are used for, and will speed up bringing Shadowbane back to you!

Xemise and Starfish have manually crossed over roughly 1,000 pages from our personal wiki to the Morloch Wiki to set up the template for the Spawn Index. This will allow the team to start recording all the content needed for the Spawn Index, which we hope will be a popular and useful tool.

You can find the Spawn Index here, if you want to peruse the template and see just how much work went into it.

Live Server Contract
In a previous announcement we talked about a "contract" that we recently had the team sign concerning the important issue of abuse of power and behavior on live servers, so we thought it appropriate to make this contract visible to you, the community, in order to keep our project transparent and more importantly, drama free. If any of you feel like viewing this "contract" you can do so by clicking the "show" tab below, and we'll also be posting this in the General Discussion forum.
Live Events & Previews - Commands & Logs
It is important that we set up some general rules for live events and previews, and the following is what I have so far. These should be incredibly strictly followed by everyone involved with the previews - if you are on for a preview you would be expected to follow them no matter your position.

1. A Plan of Live Events should be decided before a Preview is started. This plan should include a list of all commands that will be involved within the live events and who should be using these commands. This plan is expected to be followed precisely.

2. If a Plan must be broken for any reason and new commands or tactics need to be used, then permission from the Project Manager or Community Manager must be attained, and you must explain PRECISELY what commands or changes need to be made. Do not assume or presume the Project Manager or Community Manager know what you are asking, explain it precisely.

3. Within our team forums a Command & Events Log should be maintained. Within this log should be the time an event plan has started and ended. This thread should also contain every command you had to use that was not contained within the plan, who you got permission from and what time they were used.

4. You should not deviate from the plan or from the permissions of the Project Manager or Community Manager.

5. No Powers (if you have access to them) should be used outside of a plan or outside of a live event for any reason. If there is an extreme need for these powers, permission from the Project Manager or Community Manager must be attained and again, the permission is only valid if the Project Manager or Community Manager understands FULLY what he is giving permission to.

6. Rewards for a preview must be outlined in each Events thread and these must never be deviated from without the permission of the Project Manager or Community Manager.

Testing with the Design and Testing Team
1. It may be required that some parts of the project need to be tested under server-stressed conditions. If this is the case, a plan of the testing aim should be written and commands required should be included. The Project Manager or Community Manager should be required for the all-clear on the plan. If the all-clear is not attained for whatever reason, do not go ahead with anything.

2. If bugs or new events lead to the need for a new form of testing or an instant bug fix is required, talk to the Project Manager, Community Manager, a Senior Tester/Designer or Tester/Designer Team Lead.

Mistakes and Trying to Cover them Up
1. Do not assume no one saw the mistake or the typo or accidentally initiated command.

2. Report all mistakes in the Preview Log Thread. Attain permission from the Project Manager or Community Manager to fix the mistake and log any commands used and who you gained permission from in the Preview Log Thread.

Benefits to Being on the Team
1. Lets make this clear. There are none. If you participate in the game or preview, you participate as a normal user, your guild participates as a normal guild and your friend participate as they would without you. You are not to have any advantage of any kind. You will only have access to what a normal user has access to.

2. Assumption of Guilt - ask yourself, "If I used this information I have, to gain some kind of advantage, would it make me look guilty, or anyone in the community have any reason to suspect me?" If the answer is yes, then don't do it. If even the biggest conspiracy theorist in the community is the only one that would suspect some form of foul play (even if it wasn't foul play) then don't do it and don't use it.

3. There should be nothing you have to defend after or during a preview, or during the game. Even if something is easily dispelled or defended in a thread, it should not be required that you do so. It's expected not to take risks or chances!

4. You are not to give your guild or friends, or any member of the community any inside information regarding the preview or live events. It doesn't matter if you've known him since you were 10. Don't do it!

Previews should be fun and casual for everyone involved. There isn't a need to remain professional at all times, but the following are good guidelines.

1. Keep "s***" to a complete and utter minimum. Do not be offensive or personal and remain within the context of the game.

2. If you are participating in a live event, you are expected to keep to the plan and your behavior is expected to be completely professional until the live event is over.

3. If you are losing your temper or are getting frustrated, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. If you need to leave, do it, take a break or whatever.
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