State of the Bane V

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State of the Bane V

Post by Tybalt » Sun Apr 01, 2012 11:48 pm

State of the Bane V

Closed Beta Update

We are pleased to announce that we are sending out the next round of invites for Closed Beta over the next week. The current members of the Test Team, as well as Closed Beta members have completed their portion of Phase 4 and are waiting for more content to be implemented. In the meantime, with the addition of the next wave of testers means we can put more stress on the server and start doing more larger engagements in preparation for the implementation of banes and mines.

Developer Update

SBEmu Developer RichV has been making considerable strides in regards to mob fixes. Everything from re-spawn rates, inventory drop corrections, aggro ranges, and experience gains have been tweaked and are working nearly flawlessly. Rich has also been making fixes on the server to rectify lock ups relating to mob AIs. He has also added logging for Load Job error, as well as added additional power verifications server side and tweaked a few dev commands.

SBEmu Developer Malenx has been an a excellent addition to the Dev Team and his work has made this project run considerably faster due to his talents. As he gains more competence with the code, the more effective he can be, and effective he has been! Malenx has been working extensively on the EXP formula. He has also been rectifying quite a few bug reports submitted by our Testers.

Design Update

The Design Team has been continuing work on the Spawn Index. Once again, this is a long on-going process that will continued to be worked on for a while as everything needs to be properly documented and regulated in every Microzone, and every Macrozone. You can view the Spawn Index here: ... pawn_Index

SBEmu Community IRC Q&A #2

We will be having out second SBEmu Community IRC Q&A next Sunday, April 8th 2012! The format will follow the same format as the previous Q&A. If you don't have IRC or our info you can refer to this page here: ... f=5&t=4160
Additionally, if you missed our last one you can check out the Chat Logs here: ... f=5&t=4304

Team Additions
We are pleased to announce that Maethius has joined the SBEmu Test Team! Maethius has been a standout member of Closed Beta in regards to identifying and documenting bugs, and we are glad to have him join the Test Team.

SBEmu on!

The SBEmu Stream is up pretty much every day! You can view the stream on here: Additionally, everytime I stream I bump the SBEmu Stream Thread here: ... &start=160 as well as update the SBEmu Facebook page. The recordings on the streams are currently being edited and a special thanks goes out to Mac for doing so! The recordings will be up on our YouTube page within the week as they are quite a few Mac is working on.

New Game Changes

We'd also like to announce some new changes to the game that we have decided to implement!

1. We would like everyone to know that we have decided to speed up development by shelfing the mine and bane portions of the game.
2. All PvP will be moved to an instance based arena format. We feel this is the superior form of gaming for modern MMOs.
3. FC gear will be added to hotzones to increase competition in those areas.
4. Daymar has implemented a new Wrath of God admin only power, that will deal 50k damage to all players on the map, for when he's in a bad mood.

One other item to note about these changes... April Fools!

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