4/8/2012 Weekly Update

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4/8/2012 Weekly Update

Post by Tybalt » Mon Apr 09, 2012 1:45 am

4/8/2012 Weekly Update

Developer Updates
SBEmu Developer Malenx has just finished up the group xp formula, which has been committed and is ready to be tested. Much to the whole Team's pleasure, Malenx has been working through a way to rectify the ever annoying missing/hair issue, so we can all enjoy Stylebane the way it was meant to be! RichV will also be working with Gooya in order to get him up to speed to where he can start fixing bugs.

Closed Beta Updates
The Team has finalized the roster for the next round of invites which will go out tomorrow. We have been diligently going over the applicants this past week and are glad to have these next wave of testers to further increase the amount of people identifying and logging bugs. These new testers will also give us the ability to test larger scale PvP as well as the stress on the server. There will be more chances to get invited as we progress through the various stages of Closed Beta.

Currently the testers have been working out the kinks in the group exp formula. Even more so, various duping methods, and ways of exploiting have been identified and are working on being corrected. The Closed Beta team has done an excellent job so far of determining and reporting not only bugs, but dupes and exploits that could be potentially game breaking later on down the line. We look forward to the newest wave of testers, as more people will lead to more people wanting to be active and ultimately result in more bug reports. We have come a significant way since we started Closed Beta in regards to cleaning up the massive amount of bugs.


Team Additions
We are pleased to announce that Gooya will be joining the Development Team! We are also glad to have Starfish back on the Design Team to help out with the ever daunting spawn index. Both Gooya's and Starfish's presence will be much appreciated to help efficiently promote the progress of the project. We are also accepting applications for the Design, Test and Moderator Teams. If you would like to apply PM Community Manager Tybalt for an application.

Community Q&A #2
The Community Q&A has been moved back to next Sunday 4/15/2012 at 4PM PST in our Quakenet IRC Channel #shadowbaneemulator. We will be following the same format as the previous Q&A and we hope we can have an even more impressive showing than last time! If you don't have IRC, please refer to the link below for directions: http://www.shadowbaneemulator.com/forum ... f=5&t=4160 . If you can't make the Community Q&A next Sunday, I will be posting the chat logs afterwards, so everyone can see what was discussed.

SBEmu Closed Beta Live Stream
I will be now bumping the new Live Stream sticky in the Aerynthian Reliquary of Media. You can check out the sticky here: http://www.shadowbaneemulator.com/forum ... =14&t=5186

The former thread will now be the Discussion Thread which can be seen here: http://www.shadowbaneemulator.com/forum ... f=7&t=4906

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!


Discussion Thread:
http://www.shadowbaneemulator.com/forum ... f=7&t=5188


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