4/15/2012 Weekly Update and Q&A #2 Logs

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4/15/2012 Weekly Update and Q&A #2 Logs

Post by Tybalt » Tue Apr 17, 2012 1:42 am

4/15/2012 Weekly Update/Chatlogs

Closed Beta Update
The last round of Closed Beta invites were sent out this past week, so if you didn't get selected don't worry, there are plenty of chances as we progress through the various Phases of Closed Beta. Speaking of progress, we will be entering the 5th Phase of Closed Beta this week. The new testers are getting acclimated and have already started documenting and reporting bugs.

Phase 5 will verify all of the class skills and spell powers to ensure they are working correctly. This includes that the powers are being granted at the right level, prerequisite skills and powers are being checked, the mana/stam costs are correct, the powers effect and range is correct, ensure single target and AOE is functioning right, make sure all applicable dispels work on a power, and make sure that stances are correctly working to effect the power.

This week has been most catered to getting the new Testers in and acclimated. If you'd like to see what the Developers have done this week please refer to the SVN Feed on the main page which can be seen here: http://www.shadowbaneemulator.com/

Community Q&A #2
Grats to Chimpy, Thoraxe, and Purg whom all won beta accounts! If you didn't catch the Community Q&A #2, the chat logs can be seen below:

Apr 15 16:15:41 <TybaltSBE> Welcome to our 2nd Q&A ladies and gentleman.
Apr 15 16:15:56 <TybaltSBE> If you attended the first one we had then you pretty much know the formation.
Apr 15 16:16:01 <TybaltSBE> format*
Apr 15 16:16:25 <TybaltSBE> Basically your going to PM "TybaltSBE" with your questions which will be reviewed and answered.
Apr 15 16:16:43 <TybaltSBE> If you'd like a specific person to answer than put their name in parenthesis next to the question.
Apr 15 16:17:01 <TybaltSBE> I.E. What do you think the server population is going to be like? (Tybalt)
Apr 15 16:17:18 <TybaltSBE> Afterwards we will be giving out 3 closed beta accounts as well.
Apr 15 16:17:59 <TybaltSBE> So whenever you would like to start asking feel free to PM me.
Apr 15 16:19:26 <TybaltSBE> Will discipline specific armor sets be returning? If so, is it possible to reuse old armor assets to make new sets of Disc armor in the future? (purg)
Apr 15 16:20:36 <DaymarSBE> We can use the assets that were in the client at the the time of shutdown, but we haven't discussed anything related to new armor sets yet
Apr 15 16:21:03 <TybaltSBE> Is there any plan to make the warlock class swords dexterity based instead of strength? (Nader)
Apr 15 16:22:12 <DaymarSBE> We don't have the ability to change those to dex based without modifying the client. As most know, we've decided not to modify the client, for the time being
Apr 15 16:22:13 <TybaltSBE> We're focusing on getting the game back to where it was before we change anything.
Apr 15 16:24:12 <TybaltSBE> when are we as testers gonna have more content to test and actually evolve to citys, guilds and open beta? (Override)
Apr 15 16:25:48 <DaymarSBE> Some of the city content was implemented by Papah back in January, but the closed beta development has mostly focused on bug fixing. Rich has been researching and looking through the code created by Papah and should start working on implementing more of that soon
Apr 15 16:25:54 * TybaltSBE gives voice to Moco
Apr 15 16:26:09 <DaymarSBE> currently, it's in a partial state and has only been tested by the Test Team
Apr 15 16:26:50 <TybaltSBE> Will there be a new pvp event planner position for the CB streams to make them more organized for those watching? (Rotard)
Apr 15 16:27:00 <TybaltSBE> It's a possibility.
Apr 15 16:27:31 <TybaltSBE> I've actually just moved house and my upload dropped a lot, so the streams aren't going to get any better unless I upgrade my internet.
Apr 15 16:27:53 <TybaltSBE> So a position like that is a great suggestion, but it hasn't been brought up.
Apr 15 16:28:18 <TybaltSBE> What in the programmimg was not available from recordings and will have to be created from scratch? (Daymar) Rewen
Apr 15 16:30:11 <SirenSBEmu> Our stated goal it to bring the game to the exact state it was before being shut down. From that point on we can specify new goals but not until
Apr 15 16:30:18 <DaymarSBE> We were able to get about 60% of the buildings from recordings. All of the power and effect tokens were from recordings, and a lot of information for mobs, such as health and damage. All of the game formulas were needed to be created by the team, although most of the them are hardcoded into the client, so it was just a matter of reverse engineering them
Apr 15 16:31:22 <TybaltSBE> In terms of population what do you think the servers will be able to hold up? (thoraxe)
Apr 15 16:32:23 <TybaltSBE> When I first joined this project I was quoted 2000 at start up.
Apr 15 16:32:39 <DaymarSBE> Currently, Rich's server can handle about 300 players online without lag. When we finish the cache server, that will reduce bandwidth usage by a minimum of 50%, and once we upgrade the server to 9 mbit, we should able to handle over 2000 without lag
Apr 15 16:33:05 <TybaltSBE> Right, we'll hit the cap before we get any real server lag.
Apr 15 16:33:44 <TybaltSBE> Rich claims the server can pretty much handle anything, and if there is any lag it would be a problem with the code.
Apr 15 16:34:54 <DaymarSBE> meaning, the hardware is only using about 5% or less of it's resources
Apr 15 16:34:58 <DaymarSBE> bandwidth is the only issue
Apr 15 16:36:14 <TybaltSBE> Double click on my names guys, please dont use DCC Chat.
Apr 15 16:36:46 <TybaltSBE> Rewen> ChangYou recently announced they will release a new version of SB. Does this in any way threaten the success of SBE? (any)
Apr 15 16:38:11 <DaymarSBE> We attempted to talk to ChangYou over a year ago, but they weren't interested in communication. They haven't attempted to contact any of us, and with them being a Chinese company, we're not expecting them to have an effect on this project
Apr 15 16:38:36 <TybaltSBE> There's also not that much information to go by.
Apr 15 16:38:56 <TybaltSBE> Though they did say they've been in development over a year which isnt long for an MMO at all.
Apr 15 16:40:34 <TybaltSBE> what is the dev team going to do to keep the interest up with all of the new games coming out ie guildwars 2 and diablo 3? (Mrdlcknose)
Apr 15 16:42:12 <DaymarSBE> Beyond having a game that is unique since it's Shadowbane, we are thinking about some ideas, such as King of the Hill, to give more things for people to do during the day without lowering the significance of mines and banes
Apr 15 16:42:52 <DaymarSBE> None of those ideas have been fleshed out, and we won't be spending time on them until the game is finished
Apr 15 16:44:30 <TybaltSBE> I plan to have some sort of tournament or ladder system in place as well, so various guilds can compete in different avenues.
Apr 15 16:45:01 <TybaltSBE> This will be the last question before we do the trivia.
Apr 15 16:45:21 <TybaltSBE> Once the team decides on a mapset, will the community be told which they've picked before the game goes live? Players might like to make plans as to where to plant trees and how to build cities before hand. (purg)
Apr 15 16:46:26 <DaymarSBE> We'll likely start open beta with Vorringia, since we have finished that mapset as far as buildings, mobs and NPCs go. We may also open up one of the other mapsets during open beta to see how that goes. But, we haven't decided yet
Apr 15 16:46:54 <TybaltSBE> Alright guys, Trivia rules are much like asking questions.
Apr 15 16:47:15 <TybaltSBE> PM TybaltSBE with the correct answer.
Apr 15 16:47:31 <TybaltSBE> And the first person whom is correct will get a closed beta account.
Apr 15 16:47:35 <TybaltSBE> There will be 3 questoins.
Apr 15 16:47:58 <TybaltSBE> Th'verrinax the Banelord drops what rune?
Apr 15 16:48:29 <TybaltSBE> Grats Thoraxe!
Apr 15 16:48:34 <TybaltSBE> The answer was conjurer.
Apr 15 16:50:54 <TybaltSBE> What level Bow Weapon Powers do Rouge Rangers have?
Apr 15 16:50:54 <TybaltSBE> Grats Chimpy!
Apr 15 16:50:55 <TybaltSBE> The answer was 30
Apr 15 16:50:55 <TybaltSBE> Last one.
Apr 15 16:50:55 <TybaltSBE> What race where the slaves of the Great Elvish Empire whom broke free of their oppressors?
Apr 15 16:50:59 <TybaltSBE> Grats purg!
Apr 15 16:51:09 <TybaltSBE> The answer we were looking for was Humans
Apr 15 16:51:43 <TybaltSBE> Thats it folks, thanks for joining us!
Apr 15 16:51:58 <TybaltSBE> We'll have the weekly and the chatlogs up on the forums tonight.
Apr 15 16:52:18 <TybaltSBE> Once again grats to chimpy, Thoraxe and purg

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