Stress Test Update & Sightseeing

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Stress Test Update & Sightseeing

Post by Starfish » Sat May 26, 2012 8:37 pm

Hey there sirs! I hope everyone is able to make it ingame and join us in battering one anothers heads in. There are tons of spots of interest for the preview and there's a bunch of things to keep everyone occupied! The servers will be open from today through to next Sunday (3rd of June), so don't worry if you can't make it in just yet - there's plenty of time to murder some SBE staff. Here are a few features for the stress test!

An early problem we had was that crossing over database object tables took much longer than anticipated, and was still occurring when people logged in and created characters. When it finished, it jumbled up or deleted many characters. Those characters are gone and you can't use their names now for the preview unless Otlichno figures a way of identifying those characters (unlikely) and fixing them up - it's just something we'll have to live with guys.

I'd like to say that 100% of all problems we've encountered are database problems that are only occurring because we are running the server on Otlichno's machine and we are having to change all of our data and database stuff over to it.

Fortunately, our staff have gotten the server to be in working order and apart from those names everything is good to go and very stable! I hope everyone has fun. As with any stress test, stability may be an issue and we hope you have patience with us in our quest to try and make a stable experience.

Heightened EXP Rate
The Experience rate will be increased throughout the preview.
Random rolled equivelant gear will be available in Sea Dogs Rest - every build will have some gear to choose from - proccers, damage dealers, etc. (This may take some time to implement - if it's not in right now, we're working on it)

Vorgrim / Elite gear will be available at their respective droppers and also from mobs at our high level custom camps (more below)

Glass Gear will be available in hotzones and also from mobs at our high level custom camps (more below)

You will find Disciplines at their droppers.

You will find Stat Runes in Aeldreth.
Gold Values Not Needed
Gold will not be needed for the preview as long as you have a small amount for registering for an existence check!
The Progressive Guild
A group of once renown inventors known as the Progressive Guild have gone insane with what they perceive as indomidable power. They are communing within the City of Virankhar to the east of Khan'Ov Srekel and they view this moment as the culmination of years of extensive research and groundbreaking, fresh thinking.
The group have previously scoured the lands in search of the legendary weapons carved from powerful, magical glass. Once they were satisfied with their stockpile of these incredible weapons, their mad research began. Glass created from the sands of the Jov' Hir'akar, imbued with potent magics and shaped into weapons of devastation are at the center of their research - these ancient weapons' creators have long vanished and only a finite number of their marvellous creations still exist. Desperate to preserve the ancient and extraordinary power that exists within the creations was the goal of the guild - for these weapons are used to wage war, and war means profit for those that supply weapons!
The secrets of the weapons were unlocked to the guild and were told only to trusted individuals of the organization. As Glass Weapons dwindled in supply in the general world, the organization's prestige soared. That was not the only thing to soar - the prices of the glass was at its peak and showed no signs of slowing down - as it shouldn't, this is an age filled with war after all.
Sullied by wealth, fame and reliance the Guild was to be forever corrupted. These traits did not satisfy the individuals of the guild - they perceived their position of power as being outsourced. Why give other nations power and tools to destroy you? Fearful of their secrets falling into the wrong hands, and paranoid that their products would be turned against them.. the guild ceased all outsourcing of their wares. They did not cease to exist, however - to the contrary, they grew! Hiring mercenaries and soldiers to safeguard their organisation and cities - in return for ludicrous amounts of gold and glass. They became a small force of inventors and engineers safely tucked away behind their soldiers. Behind these safe walls they conduct experiments, construct abominations and meddle with forces and magics so powerful that they turn their users mad.
The nations of the world fear this organization - for they hold secrets to the most powerful creations in the land and now they seek to build armies? They must be stopped in their tracks and their secrets must be exposed, or the eventual demise of the current nations will come about.

City of Virankhar

The Guild siezed the city of Virankhar from the Irekei and maintain tight grips of control over it. It is here that the beginning of the end of the Progressive Guild should come about. Adventurers be warned; the city is heavily guarded by glass contraptions and experiments that would defeat even the most skilled small groups! The leaders of the City Cell are of prime importance - they must be slain. They are Architect Loren, Engineer Shawar and Grand Magister Kiriv. To sucessfully defeat the guild on these grounds and gain experience and notoriety as a veteran adventurer you must use cunning, guile and team work. Identify patterns in each of the types of mobiles at the city and come up with plans of action or you will surely fail. If you succeed, you will rewarded with large amounts of experience, glass weapons and vorgrim equipment!

Player characters used in the event will be challenging but not up to par of the storied FC Bosses. They include Magister Kiriv, Engineer Shwar and Architect Loren. Please be aware they will have slightly higher than average stats.

Pirates Pillaging the Coast
Pirates up and down the world have been landing in small escape boats on the coasts and plundering, killing and pillaging from locals. A recent invasion force has landed at All-Father's rest, hungry and thirsty from being shipwrecked at sea. It's imperative that the invasion is repelled or All Father's rest will be overrun!
A collective of pirate leaders have been meeting in Khan'Ov Srekel to negotiate peace between the Pirate Guilds. The meetings must be stopped! These leaders will drop glorious treasure. Militiamen have been deployed in Khan'Ov Srekel to ensure peace is kept throughout the city and you may choose to kill those guards for experience, too - however they will not be as powerful as the pirate leaders.
Emphasis: Please go to Guards in Kharsoom east of Khan'ov Srekel. It is there you will find great treasures, high XP and many fun times!

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