5v5 Tournament Sunday 6PM PST

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5v5 Tournament Sunday 6PM PST

Post by Tybalt » Sat Jun 02, 2012 3:59 pm

5v5 Tournament Sunday 6PM PST

The Highlords of Aerath Hellendroth are holding a 5v5 single elimination tournament! The most prominent champions of Vorringia are invited to test their skills in the Arena of Hellendroth!

Here are the rules for the tournament:

-16 Team Maximum, first 16 5 man teams that PM Tybalt will receive spots.

-In group buffs and conc potions only. A necro will be there with Gravechill, to ensure that no one has outside buffs.

-Summoning is allowed if you can get it off

-No Flying on the walls.

-The match is over when one team loses all 5 of it's members, or the match goes to the 15minute limit.

Why have a time limit? To keep things moving along at a decent pace. As well as in the instance of 1-2 stealthers just running around trying to stay alive for 30 minutes against a group of five.

-Spectators are allowed but any spectators that disrupt or attack anyone within the sanctioned event or those viewing the event will be removed immediately from the area and not allowed to return to the event. We will have Admins there governing the event.

-Have fun!

Any questions PM Tybalt. Rules are subject to change.

Rewards to the winners:
Super Secret. Everyone will know once we've crowned a winner.

Discussion Thread:
http://www.shadowbaneemulator.com/forum ... f=7&t=6034


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