State of the Bane VII

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State of the Bane VII

Post by Tybalt » Tue Jun 19, 2012 9:12 pm

State of the Bane VII

Over the past weeks the SBEmu Team has been evaluating the past stress test and discussing options on how we move forward from here. We got an excellent idea of the potential player base, what debilitating bugs are apparent, and the best course of action on how to move forward in an informative direction. Personally, I had a blast interacting with several guilds in the community, answering your PMs in game (sorry if I couldn't get to all of you!), working with members of the community to identify major bugs, assisting with Starfish's ongoing FC Event, and organizing and running a very entertaining 5v5 Tournament. All in all, we believe the stress test was a success and a vital part of showing the community where we've gotten, and where we go from here. The next few months should be very exciting!

Thank you to all of you that participated in the stress test. We enjoyed seeing familiar faces and guilds come back to experience what we've created so far. We are excited at the prospect of moving forward and will provide more information as we progress through this next exciting phase of the project!

New SBE Developers and Lore Design

Since before the preview, I've been working with Daymar to recruit some educated, and experienced programmers who can assist us with the next stages of the project. We've found 4 excellent candidates that have already begun to make progress. These developers will start implementing code so we can start making more ground on cities, mines, and of course, siege warfare! Some of them are still getting their local servers set up, but a couple have gained ground on some of the bugs that were rather troublesome during stress test. Additionally, a new Lore Design member will provide sneak peaks and insights on the Lore Events planned for the evil (and good!) that may plague the population of Vorringia, Dalgoth or Aerynth!

Please join me in welcoming: Zarkwon, Cammey, Unome, MadMax

Additionally, I'm proud to announce that Indigo has joined the Lore Design team. Indigo will be assisting myself in organizing a massive FC event, answering any community lore questions and providing glimpses to what chaos will be to come!

What Did We Find? And Where Do We Go From Here?

As I stated above, the stress test provided us with what major bugs are the priority and how to go forward from here to rectifying those major bugs, and starting to implement more content. As of right now, our Senior Developer RichV has been helping the new developers get their local servers get set up and providing an orientation to the SBE Dev process.

Our new developer Cammey with guidance from RichV and Daymar has made some considerable progress with some of the major bugs that were apparent in the stress test. They have successfully rectified the ever annoying flight bug that was one of the major bugs during the stress test. Rich and Cammey have also helped Unome and MadMax set their local servers up so they will be starting soon on making some progress themselves.

Design Team

The Design Team is going zone to zone, regulating camps to give them a more even mob distribution, in accordance with the Design Kickstart that was recently announced. They will be checking the numbers of mobs for each, the aesthetics of the camp, and the gear of the mobs. When this is done, it will all be recorded into the spawn index so that we can finally put the task of populating the world to bed.

A few team members have also been assisting Rich with compiling the values needed for building HP, number of NPC slots and everything else needed for placement and ranking of cities and building.

Announcement Format Change

We've decided to apply a more agile approach to update announcements by moving away from a schedule to posting on a need basis. We feel the community will appreciate the more satisfying updates that we'll be able to provide. Updates will still be presented in a timely manner, but will contain more information and in depth progress on the emulator. Additionally, SoTBs will also be numbered from now on, and the past SoTBs will be edited to reflect that. I.E. SoTB I-VI, this one being SoTB VII, and the next SoTB VIII.

Tybalt Needs Your Screenshots!

I am planning up updating the SBEmu Facebook page with current screenshots from the stress test! I will be uploading an abundance of screenshots to the Facebook Page, and the best screenshot, which will be decided by the community, will become the background to the page! I plan to narrow down the choices to around 20 choices, and the most community voted on screenshot will appear on the background of the Facebook site. As far as the rules; the screenshots cannot contain any vulgar or offensive text within the screenshot, including character names. Keep it relatively clean please! You can PM your screenshot entries to Tybalt. We will be starting the voting on July 1st!

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