Tybalt leaving the project and new Test Team Lead

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Tybalt leaving the project and new Test Team Lead

Post by Daymar » Wed Jun 27, 2012 1:15 pm

Tybalt was asked to leave the project due to a recent drama-filled discussion in the admin forums. He made it obvious that he just wouldn't be able to work with us anymore. Due to his hard work in the project, I offered to let Tybalt resign, which was something he had suggested doing previously due to real life issues. I thought it mutually beneficial that we wouldn't drag each other through the mud, but he didn't reply to the thread for 3 days, and only sent me a brief message over instant messenger and logged off before I could respond. Because Tybalt decided to not do an amicable resignation and has instead tried to tarnish the project and the team, I'm having to list the reasons that I decided to remove him so that everyone knows. Some of this had already become public knowledge, such as the sharing of his admin game account and the accusations of inappropriate offering of Closed Beta invites. Because I valued Tybalt's work and dedication to the project, I held off the other admins, team members and a chunk of the community for 8 months, but I don't see how he and the other admins can work together anymore. While we probably will not get much benefit out of dragging this issue further, I feel presenting it to the community will help alleviate any worries about the project being run in an unethical fashion or without direction. Here is a list of the main reasons why Tybalt was asked to resign:

1. Giving out access to his admin game account to his friends / community members before we started the Closed Beta, and trying to cover up and lie about the extent of his sharing. This caused a community outcry that he had to apologize for.

2. Gave out warnings on the forum and lied about having authorization from Conspiracy Theorist.

3. Attempting to have the moderators delete threads and posts that didn't break the FCoC with the assumption that this was being authorized by him as the Community Manager.

4. Undermined Silk by excessively complaining in the community vent server about wanting to have more of a say on who got into the CB, and that Silk was doing a bad job.

5. Circumvented the moderator team process and unbanned members of the community.

6. Used an excessive amount of dev commands, such as creating custom items for himself and others on the Closed Beta server, and attempted to lie / cover up the extent of their usage.

7. Attempted to cover up his usage of his admin character with an admin rune during the recent stress test.

8. Bragged about being able to get anyone into the CB that he wants, if he does it the right way.

9. Sending messages to new developers and other members of the staff stating that the project was without direction, basically starting a smear campaign against myself and the rest of the Administrators.

I wouldn't have had any problem with giving Tybalt or anyone else more responsibility and to delegate some of the work load off of myself and others, but they need to be trustworthy and have good judgement. He was already an admin so there was not much more "power" he could have, and he had the ability to contribute in the same way that Starfish is doing with his Design Kick-start tasks. Tybalt may not have made all of these mistakes maliciously, but some obviously were. It made it impossible for me to give him responsibility for anything crucial in the project.

The main reason I decided this needed to be posted is that Tybalt sent me a message saying that he didn't think he should be removed for reasons that weren't true, then logging off before I could respond, and then posting on the boards about this issue. That made no sense to me, him wanting to still be involved in the project while at the same time talking to other team/community members about leaving because he doesn't think the project will finish. I do not doubt that he has already explained to many of you his version of events, while at the same time evading the truth about his own actions and reasons for his "retirement."

I don't like doing this at all, but I'm attempting to stop any more drama before it starts.

The Road Forward

For those of you worried about this situation halting the project or slowing down progress, you don't need to be. The Development Team is currently being revamped and active Developers have been getting added to the team, along with improvements being made such as a better tasking and bug reporting system being installed. Cammey has only been with the project for a short time and has already started to get city assets working, by getting the destroy asset and transfer asset functions working over the past three days. The vast majority of Test and Design work has already been finished, so if we can get more focused on the Development side of things, Open Beta won't be too far off down the road.

New Test Team Lead and Community Management

Alyriel has accepted the position to be the new Test Team Lead. She will be helping to install the new bug reporting system and helping to streamline the Test Team operations. She has previously helped with gathering bug reports from the community after a preview, and her organizational skills were extremely helpful for the developers to be able to find the pertinent issues to focus on. This is part of the revamp being done to the project, Developers also need help with bug reports. Her role, and that of her team, will be integral to the success of the project.

Starfish will continue to work on the Community Management duties and update the Social Media sites as needed, and we hope he receives your support in his continuing role. We have a team of extremely dedicated players that are working hard day and night to bring this game back to life. We will have our ups and downs, but in the end, our main goal is to bring back the SB experience and we will do whatever is necessary to get there. You are invited to stick around and enjoy the ride.

Thank you for your support!

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