Team Changes & Screenshots Request

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Team Changes & Screenshots Request

Post by Daymar » Thu Jun 28, 2012 8:46 pm

      1. Team Restructuring

        Greetings forum goers! As no doubt you have noticed by now, there has been some movement in the way our team is structured. We thought it would be a good idea to show you just how we've re-structured and why we think it's a good idea in helping us ensure the project runs as smooth as possible.

        First of all, you may have recognized that there is no longer a Community Management title. This is because we have decided to remove the position of Community Manager in a bid to remove and detach in-game responsibilities from out-of-game responsibilities. In ensuring we have a secure, focused and efficient staff structure we can have faith that the road ahead is as smooth as possible. By detaching these responsibilities, every team member has a clear cut idea of where their role lies and the community can rest assured that not only is everyone performing their specific duty, but that the entities in-game never affect what happens out of game and vice versa! The potential for abuse is minimized and security is increased. It's a win-win situation.

        The roles of the Community Manager have thusly been split in two. All of the in-game duties such as interacting with the community, running events, etc will be put in the hands of official staff members whose duties relate to the game. For example, these roles could fall to the design and development team. The other duties related to out-of-game events such as social media, announcements and running out of game events will be changed to fall under the roles of the Community Representatives. This means that those dealing with in-game events will never have elevated permissions out of game, and that those with increased permissions out of game will never have increased permissions in game.

        A further point to make would be that we have reflected our changes to the team by implementing a more patterned color system. Everyone that has a greenish color will have dealings and responsibilities with the game, while those with blue will have responsibilities out of the game. Administrators will retain the red name. We find this more easily identifies the staff and makes contacting relevant staff members for queries much easier.

        Facebook Screenshot Contest

        For those of you interested in joining us in the closed beta, we've got a great chance to get in here! We'll be hosting a Facebook contest in which screenshots of our recent stress test will be voted on. If your screenshot is one of the three with the most likes, you'll get an invite to play in the closed beta along with an extra invite for a friend. To enter, simply upload a screenshot taken either in the recent stress test or from a recording and send the URL to Starfish over the forums in a private message - you must do so by the 1st of July. I will post the screenshots on Facebook on the 1st of July and the three with the most likes by the 3rd of July will win and their owners will join Closed Beta, they will also receive an extra invite to invite one of their friends.

        If you are interested in joining the closed beta, this won't be your only way in. In the coming weeks we'll be giving away more closed beta slots to the community as we expand our closed beta in preparation for new content! Stay tuned for those announcements and you might get in.

        Team Member changes and New Leads

        In conjunction with the above changes, we have appointed some new, useful and energetic people to the project and I'm sure you'll be glad to hear that. As previously announced, Alyriel will be spear heading forward as the new Test Team Lead and has already begun implementing some new ideas for progress, closed beta and testing procedure. On top of this, Starfish has been appointed as the new Design Team lead, taking those duties over from myself. He has already been involved in the Design Team tasking for some time now and is a good choice for helping to finish up the remaining tasks.

        New additions to the project include Mac and Vervandi who will be joining Starfish in the Design Team, as they've proved extremely useful, active and willing to help in Closed Beta - I'm sure they'll have the new Design Tasks finished in no time! Another awesome addition to the team who we hope will join our new developers in fixing bugs and implementing new content is Herahve, we hope to have him whipped up and into shape in no time, I'm sure he'll prove an incredibly valuable asset on the roads ahead.

        As always, we're committed to transparency and community interaction, so if anyone has any questions about these changes, don't be afraid to ask. We're very excited with the new structure and additions to the project, and we feel ever so closer to that elusive open beta.

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