Project Update 7/27/11

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Project Update 7/27/11

Post by Daymar » Thu Jul 28, 2011 1:29 am

There has been some great news recently. Some milestones have been reached, and a valuable team member has returned to the team.
Database Development
Rich has finished implementing the new database design. This has been a large ongoing process for over 4 months, and was a major hurdle. There are still a few small bugs that need to be addressed and fixed, but they can be worked on alongside other systems. With this completed the development team will now be able to make progress on new features. The database was a rough task to tackle, and we are grateful Rich put his time and effort in completing it.

Asset Placement
Papah has finished implementing the player asset building placement system. Players now can use building contracts to place buildings. A few small bugs still need to be addressed and fixed, but this was a large task and starts the process of getting all asset controls in place.

Design Team
Kinslayer and Konrad have finished entering in all of the mob types for every single mob in the game. This was a very large but necessary task to enable aggro rules and other factors.

Work on the spawn index has just begun.

Returning Team Member
Ironglove has rejoined the team. He previously worked on Combat and Movement Sync and helped with refactoring some of the main work engine of the server so that we could limit CPU impact of certain types of activity, such as mob patrolling and movement. This helped to fix a lot of lag from the mob movement jobs.

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