Shadowbane Emulator Update - Development and Design

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Shadowbane Emulator Update - Development and Design

Post by SBEAnnouncer » Fri Aug 10, 2018 11:05 am

Shadowbane Emulator Update - Development and Design

The vision for the project continues to be the same as stated November. Stability, Bug Fixes & Scalability. As we are getting closer to that goal, we are ready to start opening up conversations to content and other more exciting things to work on. Quality of life, Outposts, world events or whatever the team agrees as the best use of resources for the content side of Shadowbane.

As you may or may not have known, Chimpy has more or less working as the solo developer over the past six months. Today we're excited to share that he has been joined by Claymore, Adamwest, and windows2000! We're also in discussions with several others who we hope to have on board in the upcoming weeks. This influx of technical resources means that we can finally split our focus to multiple projects at once allowing us to work on both short and long-term goals without disrupting having to shift focus every time something breaks. Claymore and Adamwest have all worked on the project in the past while windows2000 is a net new addition to the team. Expanding this team has been our number one priority and we couldn't be more happy with the current state of the development team.

Design & Content
We’ll start by looking at the laundry list of QOL changes that exist solely in the database that was put on hold while we cleaned up several systems. At the same time, we’ll start scoping out both the short and medium term content additions that the team has wanted to add for ages.

With new content of any type, we expect the testing team will have quite a full plate and will likely be expanding that team. Changes moving forward will be small with targeted success criteria. More frequent patches to production, sometimes daily. With the recent work done, we can implement specific changes with specific outcomes. No longer will the task be "Test city building and see if it is broken", more along the lines of "Validate profit sliders update correctly".

Discord will continue to be the primary method for communication, forums will also be used to support player questions. This will allow us to utilize our current player base to assist with knowledge transfer in a rapid fashion. We’re also working on adding a ticketing system for support related requests which will make it easier to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Road ahead:
Below is a rough idea of what we will be working on the next several weeks/months. We’re committed to providing monthly updates to this in a similar format and to give the community an idea of what we’re working on for at least a rolling three month period going forward. We’ll try to keep the public facing schedule to things you may actually care about rather than details of “under the hood” work being done.


August (pre-launch)
  • Team discussion about the economy, number of mines, and XP curve followed by scoping to see what we want to tweak for Ardan Season 3 (week of 8/13)
  • Initial content roadmap planning for Ardan Season 4 (week of 8/13)
  • Ardan Season 2 Server Wipe (8/20)
  • Ardan Season 3 Server Launch (8/24)
  • Sprint for any launch related bugs identified. Developers working focused on fixing anything uncovered at launch (8/24 - 9/1)
  • Review launch of Ardan Season 3 (week of 9/3)
  • Design Team Submit any Content System Proposals for the back half of Ardan season 3 and all of Season 4 (week of 9/10)
  • Team Review of Design Submissions & Evaluations (week of 9/17)
  • Scoping and planning of agreed-upon content (week of 9/17)
  • Work started on content for Ardan Season 4 (week of 10/1)
  • Review Server State, Review Population numbers, discuss wipe frequency (week of 11/1)
  • Finalize Content Roadmap for Ardan season 4 (week of 11/12)
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