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Project Reorg

Post by SBEAnnouncer » Tue Oct 10, 2017 8:22 pm

Hello all,

Today, I want to inform you about a major change in the management of the project and the team. This is being brought about due to the remaining interested parties finding a workable, and exciting solution for the project that will allow the project to continue existing, working towards its vision - and most importantly working on the core issues in a more rigorous way.

We want to breathe new life into the project by getting a fresh set of eyes, a new perspective and strengthened ambition. This also allows individuals on the project that have been bogged down by stress or too much workload spread outside of their role to become empowered and work on the things that they do best.

Ultimately, this means greater quality for the product.

As part of this, Malant will be taking over as Project Manager from Daymar, and Doon will be taking the role of Community Manager. Starfish will be handing over Design Team Lead to Koots, but will be providing information & tutorials to Doon & Malant in order to get them up to speed as fast as possible with the project tools.

The following roles will become official today:
Project Manager

Community Team
Doon - Lead

Design Team

Development Team

Testing Team


We strongly believe that this new management has the ideas, skills and passion necessary to take the project and do something truly great with it, but they will be making an announcement about that in more detail in the coming days. For now though, we can all rest happy that the project has found a new home that will make it better than ever.

Finally, we wanted to apologise for the number of announcements today, as events have unfolded quickly throughout the day for the project, but we wanted to keep you up to date.
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