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Shadowbane 2.1 Launch Report

Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 10:50 am
by SBEAnnouncer

Last night the new Shadowbane Emulator team launched our first sever. We’re happy to report that the focus we had on stability and performance paid off and we had virtually no reports of lag or rubberbanding! The server barely felt the load last night as you can see in the two screen shots below.


We also set some records for population, with over 700 unique accounts having registered with the launcher so far (compared to 400 last launch) and a peak population of almost 500 ingame at once. Below is a heat map of where those players hailed from.

Tonight (1/6/2018) we’ll be joining streamer Aethos19d ( on stream for a Q&A with the community. Look for an announcement both in discord and ingame once we finalize the time.

We’re working this morning on fixing a small handful of TOL's that did not terraform correctly, the nation chat bug, and a rare issue with looting gold off player corpses.

Not surprisingly, we did have one major issue at launch. A staff member from the other Shadowbane Emulator project named Bardiel was banned for duping last night. Thankfully, the new alerting we set up caught it immediately and even though it took us a while to ban him (my fault, I’ve never had to ban someone before!) no damage was done.

It’s unfortunate that we have to spend our development resources tracking and preventing this type of behavior, but we expected this and prepared for it before hand. He's been upfront about his plans to continue these efforts so we're spending some time today putting more safeguards in place. If your guild is involved in any way with duping, your city and all parties involved will be forfeited. You are responsible for who you give IC access to and there will be no second chances.

Thank you for all the support over the past week and we look forward to seeing you all ingame!

-Doon & the SBE team