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Block & Parry

Post by aeroch » Tue Mar 11, 2014 12:15 am

Server Version: Just logged out so I'll update this later. March 11, 12:15am

Bug Summary: Not sure whether Block and Parry chances are calculating correctly

Steps to Reproduce: Below

Additional Information: Copying from this thread

Block -- doesn't appear that the baked-in +Block bonuses nor the 3pd suffix are affecting block percentages

Human Confessor

152% Block in Skills window
169% on mouse-over

All calculations for Blocked % are using blocked attacks / (total attacks - missed attacks)

#1 100% Shield, +3pd suffix
Blocked: 43.08%
Total Attacks: 1280
Missed Attacks: 66
Hits: 690
Blocks: 523
#2 100% Shield, no suffix
Blocked: 44.85%
Total Attacks: 1324
Missed Attacks: 71
Hits: 691
Blocks: 562
#3 25% Shield, +3pd suffix
Blocked: 42.31%
Total Attacks: 915
Missed Attacks: 57
Hits: 494
Blocks: 363
#4 25% Shield, no suffix
Blocked: 42.84%
Total Attacks: 969
Missed Attacks: 47
Hits: 524
Blocks: 395
Should be a +4% bonus on a 25% shield, +15% on a 100% shield, but there hasn't been a significant difference between the 25% and 100% shields in these trials with or without the 3pd enchantment. 3pd suffix doesn't seem to affect the results either

75 Human Warrior

153% Parry on Skills window
170% Parry on mouse-over

#1 Dual-wielding
Parried: 43.37%
Total Attacks: 1938
Missed Attacks: 105
Hits: 1038
Parries: 795
#2 Two-handed
Parried: 42.73%
Total Attacks: 2001
Missed Attacks: 117
Hits: 1078
Parries: 805
Not sure whether there should be a difference between one-handed / dual-wielding Parry chance and two-handed Parry chance, but one or more of the posts from the UBI archives regarding the passive defense formula indicated that there was a 5% (+1pd) bonus for one-handed and dual-wielding and a 10% (+2pd) bonus for two-handed weapons.

If that's true then I don't think those are being calculated


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