[Sticky] Testing Commands

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[Sticky] Testing Commands

Post by Candi » Fri Jul 25, 2014 5:36 pm

Here's a list of commands to use for testing purposes. All commands must be preceeded by "./" (i.e. "./printstats" or "./sver").
  • sver: tells you the current server version
  • printstats: tells you what the server thinks your stats are
  • printskills: tells you what the server thinks your focus skills are
  • printbonuses: tells you what the server thinks your bonuses are
  • printresists: tells you what the server thinks your resists are
  • printloc: shows you character location
  • printBank: lists all items in bank
  • printInventory: lists all items in inventory
  • printVault: lists all items in vault
  • printEquip: lists all equipped items
  • './debugmeleesync on|off' tells you the reason each time an attack fails. If you're having issues with melee sync please turn this on to verify the problem.
  • getzonemobs: lists all the mobs that have been placed in your current macrozone, and if they are dead or alive.
  • getzone smallest: tells you the name and TableID of the smallest zone you're in. If you're standing in Snowy Den, for example, it will say that, and give you the TableID for that camp. You can use the ID number with getzonemobs (./getzonemobs [TableID]) to show mob placement in a specific micro zone.


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