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[Sticky] In-Game Rules

Post by Rewen » Thu Sep 18, 2014 4:37 pm

Shadowbane Emulator Rules and Policies

The following rules and policies govern and/or apply to your use of any features in Shadowbane Emulator, including your multiplayer conduct and any customization or content you create that is accessible to other players. Your use of the Shadowbane Emulator service is considered your agreement and consent to be bound by these terms.
  1. You will only use the Shadowbane Emulator service for lawful purposes, in compliance with applicable laws, and for your own personal, non-commercial use.
  2. You will not restrict or inhibit any other user from using and enjoying the Shadowbane Emulator service provided hereon. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to "hacking", exploitation of bugs, code injection, key replication/"key cloning", and duplication of wealth (duping).
  3. You will not exploit multiple game clients ("multiboxing")
    • You will not use any application management software to improve the efficiency of using more than one Shadowbane client.
    • You must switch between client applications with "Alt-Tab"/"Command Tilde" or mouse clicks only.
    • If multiboxing restrictions are in effect, you may not use proxy services or other means to circumvent these restrictions.
    • Administrators may, at their discretion, ask a user to limit their multiboxing if they are found to be outside the spirit of this rule.
  4. You will not participate in "excessive" verbal or written harassment of any user.
    • In this context, excessive is defined as repeated harassment directed toward a user's person.
    • Examples of harassment include derogatory, bigoted, or hateful remarks concerning a user's age, race, national origin, sex, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or physical characteristics.
    • This does not apply to role-played or "in character" harassment using the Shadowbane lore.
    • This policy will not be enforced in your defense unless you have used the "ignore" feature as a first measure.
    • Further, we will not enforce any harassment claim that is not accompanied by evidence in the form of a screen shot or recording.
  5. You will not circumvent another user's ignore action by use of alternate accounts or other means.
  6. You will not post or upload any intellectual property using the Shadowbane Emulator service provided hereon unless you own the copyright to such material.
  7. You will not impersonate any other individual in connection with your use of the Shadowbane Emulator service. This does not include impersonating an in-game character (for the purpose of in-game subterfuge for example).
  8. All character, guild, asset, item, and other names used hereon must not contain any expletives, vulgar imagery, or other material considered "not safe for work", or any misspellings of such.
All determinations will be made by the Shadowbane Emulator administrators at their sole discretion.

In providing Shadowbane Emulator service, we do not review every instance of in-game chat, nor do we confirm the interactions, customizations, or other user-created content. We are not responsible for the actions of other users and the contents of their interactions do not represent the views of the Shadowbane Emulator staff or any person or property associated with the the Shadowbane Emulator service, this website, or any other associated service offered by the Shadowbane Emulator staff.

If you feel that any interactions or customizations are objectionable, we encourage you to contact us via the In-Game Help Requests forum and immediately ignore the offending user. We will make a limited effort to discipline users or remove objectionable content if we deem those actions to be warranted. Please understand that discipline of users or removal of content is a manual process and might not occur immediately. We reserve the right to take action for any (or no) reason whatsoever. You remain solely responsible for your online actions, and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the service provider and its agents with respect to any claim based upon the transmission of your message(s) and/or posting(s).

We reserve the right to reveal your identity (including whatever information we know about you) without notice to you in order to comply with applicable law, law enforcement agencies, to protect our rights, or protect the rights of other users of the Shadowbane Emulator service.
These rules will remain in effect in their current incarnation until the game has reached it's "live" state. At that time we will evaluate community reactions, comments, or suggestions, and make the necessary changes.

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