Mob Balance Issue

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Mob Balance Issue

Post by Worr » Tue Aug 19, 2014 2:04 am

Ok, so here is what I experienced making my first characters on this server that could maybe use some adjusting in my opinion.

Zone: Newbie Mobs (0-10) NW of Hothor's Doom (Noob Island)

-First thing is that I don't think its necessary to have the mobs there below r1 to have the ability to aggro players walking near the camp or near the mob. I feel that the aggro area is a bit too big for that level range and if removed or even just have their aggro range reduced would work better since at this point its way to easy to get rolled by a whole camp of noobie mobs when you were trying to avoid them in the first place.

-Second is the roaming "Shadow" mob in the same area. It chases you for to long. While trying to run away from it (due to it randomly aggroing me), it chased me until I ran far enough away to where it was atleast 2 screens behind me. I did not see it recall.

- Lastly, while leveling 3 characters (duel boxing) I was able to level 2 characters to level 10 at the "Enraged Ancestor" camp. Once those characvters got the message to promote, all of the mobs turned white for my 3rd character. So i was unable to reach level 10 at the same camp I just reached level 10 on 2 other characters.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions about this. Please let me know also what you guys plan to do about this. Thanks for all your hard work!



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