Weapon Skill Refining - Leaves the weapon "ghost" equipped.

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Weapon Skill Refining - Leaves the weapon "ghost" equipped.

Post by Drooid » Wed Mar 26, 2014 1:50 pm

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Bug Summary: Training a skill for a held weapon below the % requirement for the item does not unequip it.

Steps to Reproduce:
It's probably easiest to see and replicate this on a ranged/bow wielding toon on noob isle.
* Train bow skill up enough to equp a 25% bow.
* Refine the bow trained points out, the client / character sheet appears to show the weapon has been automatically unequiped.
* Head back to a mob camp and attack a mob, you'll still be using the "unequipped" ranged weapon.

Additional Information:
I did a quick cursory search, I didnt see this as a reported item already - apols if it has been, and I missed it.

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