Priest powers etc.

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Priest powers etc.

Post by Zergd » Sat Jun 02, 2012 2:39 pm

Both tend the wounded and divine recovery should have 2.5 second cast times and 3 second recycles. There should be a half second in there that prevents chain casting. Currently the cast time and recycle are 2.5 seconds.

Empowered healing is considered aggressive in a safe zone. This shouldn't be the case.

Sacred rejuvenation has too long of a recast time. It should exactly match sacred healing.

Banish the darkness does not affect group members.

When you use a long recycle power, log out, then log back in, the client shows that the power is ready to cast again. However, when you try to use the power, it'll say "[say] info: Recycle timer not finished!" You guys likely know about this.

I have had instances where I have tried to refresh immunity a half second to a second too late and have not been stunned. The immunity icon completely leaves the bar and then reappears without my being stunned. I have also noticed that when my concoction potion is wearing off and I reapply it too late, I don't lose any stamina or mana, i.e. I get what is in effect a stamina and mana heal after reapplying the potion. I cannot repeat the stun portion of this claim in a non-laggy situation.

I have noticed the distribution of heals between the min and max are too skewed to the extremes. The bell curve should be tighter in the middle of the two extremes. I don't have any evidence other than my memory and say so. This is likely a problem with all heals and damage.

2 for 1 trains stops at 130 trains and not 134 like it was on live. After 130 trains, three trains does not give a point.


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