Ranger, rogue vs. Fighter stamina issue

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Ranger, rogue vs. Fighter stamina issue

Post by Kosdeth » Sat Feb 15, 2014 6:22 pm


I've noticed that my Fighter Ranger has significantly less stamina then my rogue ranger. This doesn't seem correct. I used ./printstats to confirm the numbers.

My Rogue Ranger is Human level 61 and has 95 Con, he has 549 Stamina. My fighter Ranger is Aelfborn level 59 and has 112 con, he has 369 Stamina.
Both characters had a Conc potion on when I took the numbers. They also didn't have anything else on to affect there Con or Stamina values.

I realise there is a 3 level gap between them, but it shouldn't be that much of a difference between Stamina pools.

I've also noticed that Wolf's Vigor doesn't seem to work properly on the Fighter Rogue. It doesn't seem to always refresh properly, and It is Gm'd on my Fighter while I only have 20 points into it on my rogue, and it appears that my Rogue regenerates Stamina faster than the Fighter.

Is this a Fighter Ranger issue, Aelfborn issue, or am I just playing a bugged toon? The name of my Fighter Ranger is KillsStar, and the name of my Rogue Ranger is Killstar.

Please let me know if you require anymore information.



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