SoA 2.0 Preview Weekend - Thursday 9/28

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SoA 2.0 Preview Weekend - Thursday 9/28

Post by SBEAnnouncer » Mon Sep 25, 2017 2:44 pm

Thanks to everyone for your patience over the last few weeks. Its so exciting seeing so many of you ready to come back to Shadowbane Emulator after our hiatus. We have some really fun plans in the works that we think you will all love!

Public Preview Details

Begins: This Thursday September 28th 8:00AM (Eastern)
Ends: Next Monday October 2nd 8:00AM (Eastern)

What to Expect
  • Wiped ARAC server on the Vorringia map
  • Increased Gold and XP rates
  • Gear Vendors and Rune Vendors
  • Safehold R7 Trainers
  • Reward for the first guild to place a ToL, and the first one to get a mine!
  • Use of the new SBE Launcher (PC only for now. We will be working with Mac players individually)
  • At least 1 daily reset (so we can push code), but potentially more than one if major issues are identified
  • Limited individual support (our devs are going to be hard at work monitoring the preview, so they won't be available to help with the usual CCR stuff)
Testing Goal
This preview is going to be the first large-scale test of some brand new systems. We made several improvements to the underlying code that will vastly improve client/server movement sync (rubber-banding), and we are eager to see how it handles the stress of many users. When you are playing, please help us out by making a quick post if you notice a sync problem (or any other bug).

To best help us improve your experience:
  • Please keep feedback constructive. Remember, we are all SB fans here!
  • Please keep an open mind. When we design a change, its always to improve the game as a whole, and that inevitably means we will change something somebody liked. We ask that you just remember some of the changes don't make sense unless you take a step back and look at the larger picture. Please keep this in mind when discussing the changes.
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