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Developer Progress

Post by Malant » Thu Oct 12, 2017 3:40 pm


Interested what the Developers are working on? This thread will server as a non-formal progress tracker. Major patches will still follow the existing Patch Notes infrastructure.

Feature/Bug Fix: Ranking of Assets
Status: Ready for production | ETA to Production: Live
Tired of waking up at 3AM to rank the druid trainer to R7 or TOL to R4? Utilize the new /rankjob command.
Select the building or vendor you would like to rank, ensure the asset has the gold, type ./rankjob x (x being the rank you would like to have the asset stop ranking) You will be greeted with updates in your City Command Channel that your inner council can utilize to track progress. Gold will be withdrawn from the asset upon the start of each new rank.

Bug Fix: Death Shroud not applying
Satus: Ready For Production | ETA to Production: Live
Death Shroud no longer applying on death. This has now been resolved.

Bug Fix: Powers bugging if casting during death.
Status: Ready for production, may require additional testing. | ETA to Production: Live
If you die while casting a power, it may not be castable when you respawn. Work around was to log in and out. Feedback on this is much appreciated due to how difficult this is to test!

Code Rewrite - Combat Manager
Status: In-Progress
The Combat Manager is getting an overhaul. Code is being rewritten from top to bottom to optimize the current combat manager. The Combat manager handles actions such as melee, mob attacks, siege weaponry etc.

Code Rewrite - Chat Manager
Status: In-Progress
The Chat Manager is getting an overhaul. Code is being rewritten from top to bottom to optimize the manager. Functionality was not broken, however this re-write will eliminate tens of thousands of necessary calls to our database over the life of a server.

Height Maps
Status: In-Progress
Height maps are in-progress. More to come...

Status: In-Progress
Additional work is being done to the movement speed and sync systems. We have a promising change currently on our test server. Once we get a bit further it will be evaluated to push this out to the current server.
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